Why Is My Wolf Range Not Igniting?

Wolf Range Not Igniting

Wolf appliances are known for their durability and efficiency. Thus, if a Wolf range fails to ignite, you may wonder why it happens. Either your range is not clicking or has a stove clicking but not lighting, some assessment will shed light on the problem so that you can fix the problem immediately.

While we know how frustrating it can be once a range burner just stops igniting in the middle of an important occasion. Let’s help you understand the possible causes of a range not igniting, and what to do about it.

Look for Power Issues

If your range won’t light, the initial step to take is to check the power supply. See to it that the unit is properly plugged into the power source and that you don’t connect it to an extension cord to switch on the range. While a Wolf range works on gas, the igniters are run by an electric supply and thus require power to produce an ignition spark.

Furthermore, examine to make sure that the unit consumes the appropriate gas type. Gas orifices are installed to activate on either natural or propane gas, and consuming other types will not let the burners from igniting.

Sometimes, the current breakers in your house may burst, turning off the unit despite it’s plugged in. Take a look at the circuit breaker and make sure it is fully in the “ON” position. If the breaker tripped, adjust it off and back on.

Clean the Defective Burner

A common reason for a range unit that won’t ignite is a defective burner. Once the burner gets clogged with food scraps, spills, or oils, you will be left with a range burner not working. The backed-up burner prevents the gas flow that prevents the burner from lighting. The good thing is, clearing the burner is the simplest solution.

Change a Defective Range Igniter

A burner run by gas is a basic system. An igniter run by a power supply produces a spark to ignite the gas directing to the burner. Once the burner is free of debris and the igniter is functioning efficiently, it should ignite all the time. Unluckily, basic troubleshooting doesn’t often work when a range burner won’t ignite.

When you are left perplexed about how to repair a range burner that won’t ignite, you may have a broken igniter that needs to be replaced. As a top appliance brand, Wolf range igniter replacement is a more daunting task to perform than other basic repairs. In such a case, it is highly recommended to hire a professional.

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