Tips for Wolf Range Not Igniting


Wolf is widely-known for manufacturing the best high-end ranges. And so once a Wolf range fails to ignite, it will surprise many homeowners. Be it a range that is not clicking or a stove clicking but not lighting, a thorough check-up will help you identify the problem so that you resolve it in no time.

Here’s How to Troubleshoot the Problem

When a Wolf range burner won’t ignite, the most common problems often have simple solutions. Before you call in a professional, troubleshooting begins with some simple maintenance and repair steps.

Check for Electrical Issues

If your range won’t turn on, first check for power issues that can affect how electricity is delivered. Even though you have a gas stove, the igniters still require electricity to light the burners. 


  • Ensure that the range is connected to a working outlet. 
  • Do not plug the range into an extension cord, as a cord can’t supply a sufficient level of electricity to the unit’s needs.
  • Inspect the circuit breaker for blown fuses or breakers. Replace tripped breakers or blown fuses.
  • When you can find electrical issues, it’s possible that the burner requires good cleaning to fix recent spills or stuck debris.

Check for Moisture

In spite of being careful, cooking overspills and drops can ditch some moisture on the igniter, affecting its function to ignite the burner. You can also notice the range burner fails to ignite when cleaning solutions are used directly on the burner, moistening the igniter. When you find your Wolf range malfunctioning after cooking or cleaning, let the igniter dry out first. This will let any stuck moisture dry up and enable the burner to ignite. When time is a reason, slowly wipe the igniter with a towel before letting it dry completely for at least 10 minutes.

Wipe Sealed Burners

While you regularly clean your unit after using, spills, dirt, and food scraps can accumulate on the burners, blocking the igniter and inlet. Over time, your Wolf range burner won’t light as these blockages can restrict the flow of gas to the burner.  As there are basic steps to clean a range, the sealed burners need specific techniques to clean them well. 

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