My dryer is not spinning, what should I do?

One of the most common problems people face with their dryer is a dryer that is not spinning. The first thing to do when you notice this problem is to check that your appliance is plugged in, that the circuit breakers are not down and that there is not jamming the drums. If one of those are the reasons why your dryer is not spinning then it is an easy fix. Some simple tools will get the job done. If not then there might be a more serious problem.

Other reasons why your dryer isn’t spinning.

Broken Dryer Door Latch

If your dryer senses that the door of your appliance is not closed it will not engage the drying process. To fix it all you need to do is buy a new latch and get it replaced. A latch replacement is quite easy to do and latches are pretty affordable parts. So, you will have no problems taking care of it.

Broken Drive belt

To check if the problem is the broken drive belt, try to turn the drum. If your drum turns without any resistance, then your drive belt must have a problem. You drive might be cracked, broken or not well placed. Use your owner’s manual to look into it. If the driver belt just moved out, you can place it back yourself but if it is broken or cracked, it is better to call an expert technician to take care of it.

Worn out rollers and glides

These are parts of your dryer that allows the drum to rotate smoothly. When broken, the motor of your appliance is overloaded which creates resistance and prevents the drum from spinning. When facing this problem, the best thing to do is to call an expert who will get it repaired.

Dirt inside the dryer

After a long time of use, dirt can accumulate inside the dryer which will cause the motor to stop functioning properly. A good vacuuming will get this problem solved. All you need to do is pass is to vacuum the debris out of the dryer or use a leaf blower.  

Have a technician perform regular maintenance.

The best way to prevent your dryer from breaking is to perform regular maintenance. In Best Wolf Appliance Repair we have appliance installation, repair and maintenance experts who will take care of your appliance and prolong its life. Call us at (855) 920-0846

if you have any issues with your dryer and we will arrive at your home in no time to fix it.