Which Fridge Should I Buy?

Choosing the right fridge for your home is not always an easy affair. There are many things you should consider before and when buying a new fridge such as your eating habits, your lifestyle, energy savings and most importantly space. Before we choose which type of refrigerator will fit you best , let’s list them and see what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Full Refrigerator

This refrigerator is the simplest of all. It has very little features and no integrated freezer. The advantage of such a refrigerator is that it is cheap and can contain a large quantity of products. If you are on budget to buy a fridge then it is a good choice. ANother advantage of a full refrigerator is that since it has a lot of space it is easier to organize your food and also it is very convenient as a second fridge.

On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of not having a freezer, which really reduces the time of storage of some products. You will not be able to store your ice-cream or freeze your veggies for future use.

French Door Refrigerator

This is the most expensive of all refrigerators but also the most convenient. It has a very large refrigerated capacity with a lot of trays and compartments.You can store whatever you want in this refrigerator and still have space for extra. It has a freezer that is usually situated at the bottom of the fridge and a water and ice dispenser. The disadvantage of a french door refrigerator is its price and size. It is difficult to fit it in any type of kitchen.

Side by Side Refrigerator.

In this refrigerator you have the freezer and refrigerated parts separated in two. Usually the refrigerated part being on the right side and the freezer on the left side. The side by side refrigerator has a quite decent refrigerating capacity and does not use a lot of space in the kitchen. It often comes with a water and ice dispenser and has a lot of other features. On the other it’s refrigerating capacity can also be considered a disadvantage especially when compared to other types of refrigerators.

Top Freezer Mount Refrigerator.

This is the most popular model of fridge, ideal for small kitchens and quite economical. It’s freezer conserves temperature better than all other refrigerators due to its separate door and has good freezing capacities. It fits all sorts of kitchen and it is a good choice for those who can’t have a french door refrigerator. The downside of owning a top freezer is that it doesn’t have features such as water and ice dispensers.

Bottom Freezer Mount Refrigerator.

A bottom freezer refrigerator is the same as a top freezer but for the fact that the freezer is located at the bottom of the appliance. It has the same capacities except for the refrigerated section that is sometimes a little larger than a top freezer. The disadvantage of the bottom freezer is also the lack of water and ice dispenser and the freezer that might be hard to access because situated at the bottom.

Choose a fridge that best fits your situation and needs.

If you own a large kitchen and have enough space, you have the choice between a french door refrigerator and bottom or top freezer mount refrigerator. If on the contrary you do not have enough space then a side by side refrigerator might be the right one for you.

The next factor you should take into account when choosing the right fridge are your eating habits. Do you fancy yourself as a great cook and love to have fresh ingredients at your disposal, then a bottom freezer mount refrigerator may be best for you. If you like to buy in bulk and freeze food, opt for a top mount refrigerator or french door refrigerator.

Finally if you are trying to be more energy efficient when buying a refrigerator check the rating of the appliance to see how energy efficient they are. Note that the most energy efficient refrigerators are mostly top mounted refrigerators. 

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