In the most tech savvy and modernized way, we have replaced our regular cooktops with the latest technology. We now prefer the induction cooktops over the normal ones. This is the reason that we get to enjoy the profound benefits of an induction cooktop as we realize that cooking can be such a bliss with it. However, when we face issues with the induction cooktop, we tend to freak out. We do not really understand what is going on and look for the quickest resort leading us to the Wolf induction cooktop service providers.

wolf induction cooktop

Bring Out the Technical Genius in You

But here you will get to know all that you can do by yourself to repair your Wolf induction cooktop. Induction cooktops are prone to electrical problems. These cooktops do require servicing from time to time. One of the most common problems with an induction cooktop is a blown out fuse. But hey there! You can even fix that by yourself.

Step 1: Finding the blown fuse

If you check underneath your cooktop, the fuse is generally located there. So in order to get to the fuse, you need to open the cooktop. Make sure that the cooktop is turned off.

Step 2: Removing the blown fuse

Once you have found the fuse, carefully take it out without touching any metallic parts. While pulling out the fuse do not disturb any other components in the cooktop.

Step 3: Replacing the blown fuse

Once you have identified the blown fuse and removed it, screw in and fix the new fuse. Make sure that you install the fuse at the same voltage as the earlier one. Any fuse with a relatively lower or higher voltage is likely to trip the power supply.

Step 4: Putting the cooktop back on

Now once the new fuse has been firmly placed inside, screw it into the place. Wipe the surface of the cooktop with a moist cloth and let it dry. You can test whether your cooktop is working now or not in minutes.

However, if you still notice that your cooktop is not functioning despite all your trials, it is best to call upon the Wolf induction cooktop service repair providers. The professional expertise does come into the picture and plays an important role when all of our trials and error methods have failed.